Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Artificial Grass. If you have any other question please feel free to contact us.

Smart Direct are specialist importers of quality artificial grass and you will be cutting out the wholesalers and buying direct – saving ££££’s

Smart Direct have a range of promotional & marketing goods to promote the sale of our artificial grass – whatever your trade.

Smart Direct’s aim is to supply a range of grass’ at unbeatable prices and a first class service from ordering to delivery.

We currently have over 200,000 sq metres of grass in stock and dispatch by courier throughout the UK daily.


We supply a detailed installation guide but are always available to talk you through any issues.

It’s simple! just like cutting a carpet. Just use a large pair of scissors or a Stanley knife.

Use the joining tape & adhesive available from Smart Direct – see our installation guide.

Yes, it will need to be matched when you are joining grass.

Yes, various methods can be used to secure the grass i.e a timber beam or pins – see our installation guide.


Dogs treat artificial grass no differently to natural grass. It’s perfect for dogs to run around on without turning it into a mud bath !!

No muddy paws – No worn patches – Easily cleanable

Artificial grass is soft & springy to walk on and can be used under swings, climbing frames, goal post etc without getting worn patches. Children can play on it all year round without muddy footprints coming into the house.

All our products are UV stabilised so they do not change colour in the sunlight.

A recent study reported that artificial lawns do not emit any harmful odours and they have no negative effect on the natural flow of water. The study could not find any harmful waste material in the storm water run-off from artificial grass.

No Petrol / Electric Mower – No fertilisers or Pesticides – No Weed Killers